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  • Blenders, Immersion Blenders & Hand Mixers

    Whether you're making a smoothy, baking a cake or chopping ice, Cuisinart has the right blender or hand mixer for the job.
  • Bread Makers

    Enjoy fresh baked bread every day with a Cuisinart convection bread maker or a Hi-Rise West Bend bread machine.
  • Coffee Grinders and Coffee Bean Roasters

    The secret to a good cup of coffee is a fresh bean and a good coffee grinder. We offer the Nesco home coffee roaster for those that want the ultimate in freshness while tailoring the roast to suit their taste. Whether you roast your own beans, or not, we offer blade-type coffee grinders and conical burr coffee grinders from Cuisinart, Nesco and De’Longhi.
  • Coffee Makers, Percolators & Espresso Machines

    We have a selection of single cup Keurig coffee makers and Espresso makers as well as single serve espresso machines from Caffitaly. Traditionalists will appreciate our line-up of Cuisinart coffee makers (some with built-in grinders) and percolator. If you enjoy a cappuccino, made with steam frothed milk, the De’Longhi espresso maker will be right for you.
  • Cotton Candy Makers and Candy Dispensers

    Enjoy fresh cotton candy, without going to the fair, with a cotton candy maker from Cuisinart or Jelly Belly! If you need an instant fix, dispense yourself some jelly beans just like you're at the five and dime!
  • Deep Fryers, Slow Cookers and Roaster Ovens

    This being Canada, we love our donuts. Why go to Timmy's when you can make delicious fresh donuts at home with your own deep fryer? And, when you need to cook for a crew, nothing is better, to make tender and tasty meals, than a slow cooker. Start it in the morning and look like a master chef when the gang arrives that night. If it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, a countertop roaster oven is handy when extra oven capacity is needed.
  • Electric Frying Pans, Skillets & Induction Cooktop

    When the stovetop is all tied up, expand your cooking capacity with an electric frying pan, skillet or cooktop from West Bend or Nesco.
  • Electric Meat Grinders and Meat Slicers

    For those that hunt or like to save money by preparing their own meat, the two most must-have small appliances are a meat grinder and a meat slicer. We have a selection of both, from Cuisinart and Nesco, that can handle a lot of meat. The slicers can also double as vegetable or cheese slicers and most meat grinders can be used as pasta makers to boot.
  • Food Dehydrators

    Whether you need a dehydrator to dry and preserve fruit or to make the best jerky you've ever tried, Nesco has a dehydrator that is right for you. We also stock accessories like expander trays, fruit roll sheets, jerky making kits and jerky spices.
  • Food Processors and Vegetable & Fruit Juicers

    Juicers and food processors from Breville and Cuisinart make healthy living easy. Shhhh, don't tell anybody that healthy food and juice tastes great too!
  • Food Vacuum Sealers

    With a quality vacuum sealer from Nesco, you can freeze food for long periods of time without freezer burn. We carry a variety of vacuum seal bags that are compatible with most Foodsaver products.
  • Ice Cream Makers, Frozen Yogurt & Yogurt Makers

    Nothing is simpler than making your own delicious ice cream. You control the ingredients and can make it as healthy or decadent as you desire. We offer a selection of yogurt makers and ice cream and frozen yogurt makers along with soft ice cream machines and milkshake makers from Cuisinart and West Bend.
  • Ice Shavers and Slush Machines

    Whether you are making slushies for the kids or cocktails for yourself, an ice shaver does the trick!
  • Kettles and Tea Makers

    Nothing could be simpler than boiling water, right? You will have to think again when you see the programmable Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle; it truly is more like a tea maker than a kettle. For the more budget minded, we offer a cordless kettle from Brentwood.
  • Milk Frothers

    Do you feel like having a latte or cappuccino but don’t want to pull out a big machine or traipse out to Starbucks? A milk frother offers the perfect solution. Fully automatic Caffitaly milk frothers are simple to use and clean-up in a flash. Inexpensive, battery-powered stick frothers work well too but don’t heat the milk. Decisions, decisions!
  • Panini Presses, Grills and Griddlers

    The Cuisinart Griddler and Griddler Deluxe are amazingly versatile small appliances. They can be a flat griddle, a George Foreman style contact grill, a panini press, a waffle maker (with optional plates) and more. Countertop cooking has never been easier!
  • Pasta Makers

    If you like fresh pasta, a countertop pasta maker is a must have small appliance. Simply add ingredients, collect the extruded pasta, hang it to dry and enjoy. Don’t forget your bib!
  • Toasters and Toaster Ovens

    Who knew there are so many kinds of toasters? We have everything from basic two and four slice toasters, to quick serve toasters, to toasters that also cooks eggs (perfect to make homemade McMuffins) to fully electronic leverless toasters. To fill out the selection, we have convection toaster ovens. Brands carried include West Bend, Cuisinart and De’Longhi.
  • Waffle Makers, Pancake Makers and Pizzelle Makers

    Whether you are making breakfast, a sumptuous dessert or a midnight snack, Cuisinart has a small appliance that will do the job. Their product line is diverse and includes single-purpose Belgian waffle makers and multi-purpose small appliances that can cook omelettes, pancakes, pizzelles or waffles.


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